Yeah. Ummmm. Pimpin' is a much better look on you Katt.
Yeah. Ummmm. Pimpin' is a much better look on you Katt.

An Open Letter to Katt Williams and His New, Horribly Shitty Ways.

Dear Katt:

Forgive us for being so blunt (although we know you like blunts) but, what the fuck is going on with you? We've all heard of acting out due to "short man's complex" but my friend (if we may call you that), you are taking it wayyyy too far. We get you are a "pimp" but for real pimpin', this shit has to stop!

You are so funny but lately, it seems your life is starting to play out like the punch line to a really bad joke. Your stand-up specials killed and you were on your way to the top of the comedic list and now, you are winding your way down at a rapid pace. And the worst part of it all? It's all because of your own doing. It's not because you aren't funny anymore because really, that isn't the case. You still have what it takes to make a crowd roar but it would seem that your ego is really starting getting in the way. Does, "How do you get a job and fuck up everything! Everything? Everything!" not ring a bell sir?

We have some news for you Katt, you are becoming your own worst enemy. You actually once even said it yourself, "Ain't nothin' worse than a smart dumb nigga." We're not dropping "N-bombs" on you but what we are trying to say is that you are smart...yet real dumb as of late. Of course we're on the outside looking in and totally passing judgment and for that, we wholeheartedly apologize. But after all of the news stories we've been reading, it's all we can do. Let it be known, we remain "Team Katt" but pulling a gun on Faizon Love? A police chase? Ending shows early that people paid their hard earned money to see and then stripping down and getting in fights with your audience? "Allegedly" punching your assistant who happens to be a woman? Getting arrested for battery? You are making it too easy to point our thumbs down instead of up.

This letter is more like a public plea to you Mr. Williams. Ditch your bad boy ways and get back to what you do best, being funny. You once said, "I have a disease, I'm allergic to stupid shit," but clearly you seem to have found a cure for that ailment. It isn't fun or funny to read about all of your recent mishaps and it certainly isn't fun nor is it funny to see you treat your loyal fans like shit.

At the end of day, we love you Katt and as you would say, "Just hit the blunt one time and see if it don't change your perception on what's important in your life." Seriously. Just try.

Thanks for listening.

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