All-Star Battle of the Bands Fund-Raiser Turns Up at Alex's Bar on Mar.29

All-Star Battle of the Bands Fund-Raiser Turns Up at Alex's Bar on Mar.29

Usually when a Battle of the Bands takes place, it's for the winning outfit's best interest instead of the organizers'. That premise has been flipped on its head for the upcoming battle at Alex's Bar in Long Beach.

Organized by Jamie Reidling from the Cadillac Tramps and hosted by Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L., the event will raise funds to support music and art in public schools. Taking place on Friday, March 29, the event will feature bands with members from some of the bigger names in the local punk scene including Jonny "2Bags" Wickersham of Social Distortion and Frank Agnew of the Adolescents and T.S.O.L.

The first Battle of the Bands Benefit Concert isn't like other battles for another reason: The three competing groups are limited to songs from '60s soul and '70s rock. Grisham, a Marshall grad himself, is slated to be MC for the night.

Proceeds from the show--along with cool prizes such as signed guitars, posters, surfboard, skateboards, Hurley gear, Arnette sunglasses and IVI sunglasses -- will all go to the Marshall Academy of the Arts. The school has seen its funding for art supplies taken away by the recent district and state budget cuts. As a Title I school, meaning that Marshall has a high number of students who live in the poverty level, many students would not have the opportunity to experience the arts in any other manner if it were not for the programs offered at Marshall. So when you find yourself in the pit at Alex's, make sure to turn your generosity up to 11. For more info on the event, click here.

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