Aliso Black
Aliso Black
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Aliso Black to Headline Plugged Into Local at Ember, June 26

No matter how much we post about it, there are always going to be those who consider OC's hip-hop scene to be virtually non-existent. Though, its a lot harder to claim that position when you find yourself getting hit, live and direct, with bars and beats from the local elite. Well, surprise--we've got plenty of emcees here...and a lot of them are fucking ruthless. That's exactly what inspires this month's Plugged Into Local showcase. After a brief hiatus, summer time beckons us to revive our little monthly party featuring a rotating roster of talented artists of all genres playing at a different venue every month in OC.

On June 26, Plugged In moves to Ember in Anaheim, featuring performances by headliner Aliso Black, C4mula and Kevin Parx. As the ringleader of quarterly hip-hop gathering Sound Asylum and a revered boom bap diplomat from South County, Aliso's  undeniable talent has proven itself time and time again on stage and on record. If you've gotten a copy of his recent, landmark release, Giving Out Matches and Selling Lighters, then you know what we mean.

Collectively, these three rappers (and Locals Only column alumni) have helped the OC hip-hop scene stay on the map, and even re-brand itself to the rest of the hip-hop world, thanks to their incessant shout-outs to "Juice County." You have to admit, it has a ring to it. And now is definitely the best time to catch C4mula and Parx, who have both released new mixtapes ("Another Stupid Mixtape" and "Freethrows" respectively) and are ready to hit you with an arsenal of fresh rhymes.  As always, the show is free of charge and offers you a bass-laced, spirit-sipping, hands-in-the-air type of show you're not liable to find anywhere else on a Wednesday night. The show starts at 9 p.m. and is 21-and-over.

Here's a taste of what you'll be getting at the next Plugged Into Local: Aliso Black


Kevin Parx

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