Chris Schaefer, right, with Adolescents guitarist Dan Root
Chris Schaefer, right, with Adolescents guitarist Dan Root
Courtesy Steve Soto

Adolescents Driver and Tour Manager Chris Schaefer Found Dead

Some sad news came from one of OC's legendary punk bands yesterday when The Adolescents' guitarist Steve Soto told the Weekly the band's longtime driver and tour manager Chris Schaefer was found dead in his home in Prague over the weekend. Schaefer's body was discovered on the bathroom floor in his house by his fiance, Lou, on Saturday night. According to the local coroner's office, the cause is said to have been carbon monoxide poisoning from the water heater/heater, located in the couple's bathroom.  An LA native, Schaefer, 46, moved to Prague around the late '90s and started working with the Adolescents in 2007. For the past six summers, Soto said, they'd worked with him whenever they went to Europe.

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Over the weekend, Soto published this message on his Facebook page:

Got some horrible news this morning our friend Chris Schaefer who had driven the Adolescents on every tour we have done in Europe passed away yesterday ... Chris was from SoCal and had transplanted to Prague and worked as a driver and Tour manager ... He had a degree from USC and having him with us was like getting free history lessons which in Europe was so awesome ... and the guy had a heart of gold if you were sick he'd drop by your room with vitamins or asprin that he'd gone and picked up at the pharmacy .. just an all around solid guy and we are gonna miss him more than I can begin to think about heart goes out to his mom and sister and to his fiance Louise and to all of his friends in SoCal and abroad ... Godspeed Chris ... you will be missed ...

In addition to working with the Adolescents, Schaefer was also a driver for bands including Authority Zero, The Generators and Throw Rag when they toured through Europe. Schaefer's body is scheduled to be released tomorrow, and services in Prague will be held next week, with a simultaneous memorial in LA. Details of both services are not yet confirmed. "It's tough; everyone is taking it pretty badly over here," Soto says. " I haven't even had a chance to process it. To lose someone, period, is horrible, but to lose someone like that is just crazy." Heard Mentality will continue to update the information on the memorial service happening as details are made available.

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