Dos (Mike Watt and Kira Roessler)
Dos (Mike Watt and Kira Roessler)

Acrobatics Everyday Presents Open Melody 2011 at UC Irvine This Saturday

Another school year means another slate of underground and unexpected concerts at UC Irvine courtesy of the Acrobatics Everyday crew, with mid-November being the time when another Open Melody festival takes place. And, unlike something like, say, Playground Festival or Monster Massive, this is actually happening and starting tomorrow at 3 p.m. on campus. 

The lineup ranges from up-and-comers including Synthonic Moon Daze and Black Elephant to more established noisemakers like Metal Rouge, David Scott Stone and Lucky Dragons to longtime stalwarts such as Dos, Mike Watt and Kira Roessler's double-bass project (pictured above), and the headliner Sir Richard Bishop, one of the three people behind the wonderful Sun City Girls. Full details are available via the Acrobatics website.

We spoke with Open Melody organizer Sam Farzin briefly regarding the show:

OC Weekly (Ned Raggett): Last year's festival was a two-day affair; why only a one-day festival this time around?
Sam Farzin: Two days felt a little overzealous last year and it was more stressful as well. Splitting attendance across two days was also hard to manage because artist availability made it tough to figure out how to best organize the lineup. Just keeping it a little more relaxed this year.

It's another fine range of performers as always. Any particular favorites you can't wait to see?
Dying to see Richard Bishop and Frank Fairfield. Very psyched to have them play together. That said, I was really hoping and honestly planning for a second headliner that would complement Richard Bishop formally, but the financial situation just didn't work out to make it so. I was so ready for a show headlined by the most aggressive avant rap group in the US and one of its finest and most well-travelled guitar players. Next year. But I am excited to see all performers, of course, Let's Paint TV! very much as well.

How do you feel Acrobatics has come along between this festival and the last one in terms of organization, putting things on and so forth?
We have slowed the pace down a bit. No more four show months. It was hard to keep that up, for multiple reasons. There have not been any less fantastic shows, just less overall, which is fine. Quality over quantity. We'll let the Galaxy focus on packing the house seven days a week!

What's next up for Acrobatics after this?
Jeff Lewis in December, Everything Is Terrible! in February, and a lot, lot more. Always!


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