10 Ugliest Band Breakups

This isn't a sight you should plan on seeing anytime soon.
This isn't a sight you should plan on seeing anytime soon.
Flickr / Will Fresch

Even the greatest bands have to call it quits at some point. Some of them do it more gracefully than other, but it's way more fun when a band completely implodes and airs their dirty laundry for all to see.

Here are 10 of the ugliest band breakups in history.

10. Blink-182 While most breakups drag on for a long time behind the scenes before becoming public, it was pretty easy to see it all coming for Blink. After their initial "indefinite hiatus" in 2005, it took one of their members (Travis Barker) nearly dying in a plane crash to get the band back together. Earlier this year, Barker and Mark Hoppus decided they'd had enough of Tom DeLonge and kicked him out of the band. Then they went on to air all of their grievances in a couple of interviews (which is allegedly how DeLonge learned he'd been booted), and played some shows with Matt Skiba taking DeLonge's place.

9. The Clash Like any great rock band with multiple super-talented members, the Clash put out a handful of great albums before Mick Jones and Joe Strummer began to hate each other. It took almost five years, but members of the Clash left one at a time (for reasons ranging from drug problems to "artistic differences") until eventually the band was a shell of its former self and had to be dissolved entirely. Sure, they'd get back together (kind of), but they were no longer "The Only Band That Matters."

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