10 Best Skate Punk Albums of All Time

Get your kickflips and tunes ready.
Get your kickflips and tunes ready.
Joe Mabel

Skating and punk rock have gone hand in hand since the late '80s, but some albums are better to skate to than others.

There'll always be arguments over what qualifies as skate punk (we didn't count Turbonegro, despite the countless skate videos their songs have appeared in), but here are our top picks of punk albums to skate to.

10. How It Goes - Big D and the Kids Table Alright, so it's more ska than punk, but Big D is as good as anything for skating the streets or a park. Skate-punk is often centered around brash rebellion, and How It Goes displays just as much humorous disregard for authority as any punk record. One of Boston's premier ska-punk groups of the 2000s showed up in the CD players of skaters everywhere with tracks like "Little Bitch" and "My Girlfriend's on Drugs."

9. Numbers - The Briggs Skate punk was born out of SoCal, and while the Briggs weren't around for the first wave of it, the LA-based band's brand of "street punk" was more skate-worthy than most things labeled as "skate punk" in the 2000s. "Bored Teenager" is an all-time classic skating tune, and just about every other track on the album is worth a spin the next time you're looking for your new favorite ledge to grind.

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