10 Best Rock Band Feuds

The queen of rock feuds.
The queen of rock feuds.

As entertaining as members of the same band fighting amongst themselves can be, feuds between bands can be even better. Rather than seeming like a cheap dose of reality television, fights between bands can escalate into full-blown soap opera dramatics. Here are 10 of the best feuds between rock bands.

10. The Killers vs. The Bravery

In the mid-2000s, both the Killers and the Bravery rose to relative stardom in the wave of synthy bands that took the alternative world by storm. It was that rise that led Brandon Flowers to call out the Bravery as an imitation of the Killers, and the New York-based band responded with some choice words of their own. Flowers allegedly apologized not too long after, but their fans remained divided for quite some time. It worked out for both bands, as the Killers' more mainstream success led to the Bravery being viewed as a sort of "cool" opposition for kids whose parents liked "Mr. Brightside."

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Faith No More

Apparently, RHCP has some pride about their aesthetic, and frontman Anthony Kiedis is willing to call out a significantly less successful band about it. Faith No More's video for "Epic" (their one hit) seemed a little too much like an RHCP video for Kiedis' taste, and he let Faith No More's singer, Mike Patton, know all about it. Kiedis insisted that the band never play another show with RHCP, and Patton responded later on by having his other band, Mr. Bungle, dress up as RHCP for a show, which didn't make Kiedis happy.

8. Courtney Love, vs. Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, etc. It's really difficult to pick the best '90s alternative feud, so we lumped them all together. Love and Grohl (as well as Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic) battled for the rights to Nirvana's material for years after Kurt Cobain's. Love also got into it for a while with former lover and head Smashing Pumpkin, Billy Corgan (and Marilyn Manson, in a plot twist). That doesn't even count Nirvana briefly feuding with Pearl Jam or Corgan generally not getting along with pretty much any bands of the era (including his own).

7. The White Stripes vs. The Von Bondies

Jack White's been in some awesome fights, but it's pretty hard to argue that his fight with Von Bondies frontman Jason Stollsteimer isn't the best one. To sum it up, White helped make the Von Bondies (briefly) popular, then beat the tar out of Stollsteimer in a club, denied the whole thing (despite photos of Stollsteimer's face looking like it got beaten with a baseball bat), and then allegedly left an angry note on Stollsteimer's door involving a knife..

6. Brand New vs. Taking Back Sunday

There's only room for one emo band from Long Island if you ask these two groups. To recap, Jesse Lacey (the man behind Brand New) was once the bassist for TBS, but John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday's guitarist) may or may not have made out with Lacey's girlfriend. Then things got ugly. Brand New's debut album featured a direct attack on Nolan ("Seventy Times 7"), TBS responded on their debut with "There's No 'I' in Team," and the bands each fired off a couple more tracks at each other. Nolan would eventually leave TBS (allegedly over another relationship issue) to form Straylight Run, but rejoined the band a while later. Although the two bands apparently don't hate each other anymore, they still won't play together or communicate with each other in public, because nothing says emo like holding on to a grudge for over a decade.

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