10 Annoying Things Bands Do at Concerts

10 Annoying Things Bands Do at Concerts
Kathryn Millard

There's nothing better than seeing one of your favorite bands play live. There's also nothing worse than seeing one of your favorite bands play live when they put on a terrible show. For all the things we love about concerts, there are several things bands do that we really can't stand. Here are 10 things bands should just stop doing when playing live shows.

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10. Show up way too late for their set. We understand living your life on "rock star time" and that the show doesn't start until you're ready for it to start, but there's a difference between showing up a few minutes (fashionably) late and making the entire crowd wait an hour to see a one-hit wonder on a Tuesday night. You're not a legendarily dysfunctional/rebellious band like Guns 'n' Roses or Rage Against the Machine, so show a little respect, and go on at a reasonable time.

9. Tell long self-indulgent stories. It's cool when bands crack jokes, talk about the background of their songs, and maybe tell a funny story or two from the road. From time to time, you'll run into a band that wants to spend more time telling the crowd tales of how awesome they are than playing the songs that got them on the stage in the first place. It's a concert, not storytime, stay away from the 20-minute diatribes about the crazy party you had a few nights ago.

8. Not introduce themselves. Although you probably know the names of everyone in your favorite bands, it's only polite for them to make a formal introduction so each member of the band can get their moment in the spotlight and you and the other fans can cheer. Plus, how else will you get that awkward moment where the lead singer has to be introduced by someone else and you can tell that no one else is comfortable talking into a microphone by themselves?

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