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Tustin Lobsterfest

Lounging in the Southern California sunshine, dining on all you can eat lobster and steak—life could be worse, couldn't it? It's time for the Fourth Annual Tustin Lobsterfest this weekend—so if you've got a little cash to throw around and an open calendar this Saturday, treat yourself to this outdoor indulgence jubliee. Featuring live music from Retro Mojo, a '60s music cover band, Lobsterfest serves up unlimited claws, succulent tails and whole lobbys—as many as you can handle with pools of melted golden butter on the side. But this food fest isn't all decadent gluttony—the net proceeds support community-minded programs and services put on by the Tustin/Santa Ana Rotary Club. Which means stuffing your face with reckless abandon is completely justified.
Sat., April 13, 4 p.m., 2013


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