This is Not a Gated Community

One of the appealing things about abstract art is that it can be pretty much whatever the hell you want it to. Meet artists Jonathan Apgar, Gabriel Arroyo, Erika Hickle, Natalie Lawler, Kristina Lee, Rachel Malin, and Tessie Whitmore. Individually, they moved cross-county to attend CSULB, and now together, their works make up the exhibit “This is Not a Gated Community.” The art pieces, linked together solely by their subscription to being “abstract,” span a wide range of subject matter: video, sculpture, photography, painting, you name it. This is the first time the group of friends will present together, and possibly the last before they disband into the big unknown of the world.
Thursdays-Sundays, 1 p.m. Starts: Aug. 6. Continues through Sept. 3, 2010

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