The BIG Squeeze: 5th Annual OC Accordion Festival

Accordion players don’t tend to have a large following besides polka lovers and Frenchmen. But here in Orange County, we embrace all kinds. At the Big Squeeze, OC’s 5th Annual Accordion Festival, we not only celebrate the players, but accordion music of every variety. Accordion to the website (see what we did there?!) the Big Squeeze features a slate of accordion-based bands playing everything from jazz and blues to rhythm, funk and tango. Other attractions include dance lessons by Zydeco instructor Ted Sherrod, free accordion appraisals and repair tips. There's also food for sale and face painting, because nothing says "accordion players are the coolest" like Zydeco dancing with a belly full of truck food and a dragon on your face. Squeeze all of the fun out this event as you possibly can by attending the Big Squeeze at the OC Fairground this weekend!
Sun., Sept. 29, 10 a.m., 2013


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