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Shell Shock

In the world of stand up comedy, Ryan Nielmiller and Robbie Pickard are quite the unlikely duo . . . which is almost always a good thing. A self described "cripple threat," Niemiller has nearly cornered the market on bespectacled comedians with partially deformed arms. Pickard-his tall, scraggly haired partner-looks fresh outta the frat house. Together, these two young up and comers created a new haven for local stand-up comedy called the Moptop Lobster Comedy Bash. Gee, I wonder who they named that one after? With the help of some fellow side splitting comics, Moptop Lobster has also been a weekly regular at the Anthill Pub at UCI and some of the comics in the show have been seen on HBO, Comedy Central and BET. And when they're not busy on stage, they guys always have time to crank out crap loads of YouTube-friendly video shorts.
Tue., Aug. 12, 8 p.m., 2008


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