Ringing Bros. and barnusm & Bailey Circus

Try as impassioned animal rights activists might, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus returns once again to the Honda Center (their 20th year!) for the annual family-friendly display of gravity-defying feats, bumbling rodeo clowns, bendy body contortionists, and, of course, that all-too-controversial collection of exotic animals. This year's theme is Built to Amaze! and features new acts like the King Charles Troupe, a unicycle basketball act; the Kiev Aerial Enchantresses, beautiful ladies spinning high above the ground, and Alex and Irina Emelin and their legion of bouncy poodles. As for the cries of abuse? Ringling insists that they treat their critters with the upmost care, stating that "a positive, healthy environment is the only acceptable and successful method of working with animals."
July 26-Aug. 4, 2013


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