Wreck (of) a Nation

There's only one problem I can see with WrecktheNation—the game that's sure to sweep the 48 percent of us who voted right last year.

And that is this: with the object of the game being to bankrupt the nation via methods George W. Bush and his friends have already perpetrated—complete with handy stupid quotes—they've actually had to undercountsome of the president's more foolhardy actions.

For instance: since each player starts with a trillion dollars—and must, like in the hee-larious Brewster'sMillions, spend it with nothing to show for it beyond tax breaks for our friends in Big Coal, Big Pharmaceutical and the multinational corporations who have already moved their operations overseas—the estate tax in the game is valued at $99 billion. In fact, repealing the estate tax will cost our treasury $1 trillion—but then the game would be over in one move.

Then there are the sources of revenue (which is bad, since you are trying to wreckthenation). For instance: "Pledge to spend $18B to repair infrastructure in Iraq. Spend only $2B. ReceiveSavings$16Billion."


Or: "Wanna know what's easier than taking candy from a baby? Taking money away from children's health insurance programs! CollectSavings$1Billion."

Or: "Support our troops! Show them how much you care by slashing their hazard pay during wartime. CollectSavings$1Billion."

You get to do other things too. One card reads, "Appoint a military General to a key intelligence position. Then look the other way when he repeatedly states 'The enemy is a guy named Satan.' DeclareWarAgainstSeparationofChurchandState." You can gain media monopolies too, and then, um, do something with them. I'm not sure. It was a little complicated, with the spinners and the whoozits and the "Gouge the Government" dice roll-thingie. Also, you can poll the public, and then something or other happens too. It's very well-thought-out—unlike the Oval Office these past few years.



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