Tweak Bird

Volcom's duo Tweak Bird—actual brothers, too, if you like that extra blood credibility—make giant or possibly giant-killing heavyrock music like their spirit guides in the Melvins or Big Business, where the songs have plenty of hooks solely to catch more fresh meat. They don’t shred so much as stomp, probably to leave terrifying footprints to fossilize afterward. Supporting band The Shrine, however, completely shred—they shred at the kind of level that demands industrial-strength protection and if we told you that this was gonna be like ’80 Motorhead and ’82 Black Flag, you better take that as instructions to strap on a helmet. And then there's Retox, which is Justin Pearson and cohorts doing discordant hardcore with fearsome vigor. This is a killer show—wear some skulls!
Sat., Sept. 21, 9 p.m., 2013


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