Louche! Photo by Vickie Chang
Louche! Photo by Vickie Chang


This guy's look is definitely "inspired": it's a skinny tie or high-buttoned dress shirt away from Ray Davies, a leather jacket away from Johnny Ramone, and, actually, it's pretty damn close to Pete Townshend, circa 1971. (Except it's doubtful Pete would wear a sparkly shirt that ties at the collar.)

Okay, so the outfit's not so bad. He's kind of got some oddball spin on the whole '60s mod thing. Sort of.

But other than the "Nah, I always pose like a nonchalant douchebag" stance, there's something way off about this guy's look.

It's not the two-button, cropped, fitted navy polyester blazer. It, after all, has some nice contrast stitching detail along the pockets and, most notably, a widened collar.

Nor is it really the sparkly shirt and necktie thing he's got going on under it.

Neither is it the tailored, contoured dark jeans paired with the belt and slick, Cuban-heeled black leather boots. (Hey, it's okay: heels are in style for guys—check Dior Homme's infamous three-inch heeled boots dating back to fall 2005.)

It's the facial hair.

I know, I know, ironic facial hair is totally cool for the hipster crowd. Just take a glance at the images of Los Angeles-based party photographer the Cobra Snake, Paris' the Face Hunter or Manhattan's Last Night's Party and you'll see everything from creepy Brawny Man pedo 'staches to post-Beat goatees and thick Brawny Man beards.

Sometimes it's funny.

Sometimes it's hot (it's kind of impressive to see a guy capable of trumping Santa in the facial hair department—think Devendra Banhart).

But in this case, it's just sad. Poor guy looks more like the fourth musketeer, a medieval page or Puss in Boots than some cool hipster at the club or concert du jour.

So, Mr. Davies/Ramone/Townshend/ D'Artagnan Jr, if you're reading this: shave it. Shave it now.

And before you ask, the answer is yes, he did pose himself like that.


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