Are you hope?
Are you hope?


Since the timely demise of the logo T-shirt some years ago, tragically unfashionable people have been at a loss—remember when a good outfit meant being a(n expensive) billboard for Guess?, Calvin Klein or (shudder) Bebe? (Do you remember the rhinestone-studded tees? Do you???)

It's a bit more difficult these days—especially for the younger crowd—to look . . . well, good. These girls here have managed to avoid that vile American Eagle layered tank-top-and-T bullshit that so many their age have given in to—just how many denim miniskirts cana teenage girl own?—and look comparatively unique and definitely adorable.

If you haven't noticed, my friends, vests are definitely "in." Which probably explains why three of the four here (and countless others at the night's event) are wearing them. But going from right to left here: Adorable Girl #4 chose to pair her khaki vest with a simple white tank, some black leggings and stacked, bright yellow pumps. (Leggings as pants or under tunics? Totally okay. Leggings under skirts and dresses? Not so much. Please stop. Please?) And the best part: she echoes the vivid yellow hue of her too-cute shoes with a yellow button proclaiming: "Fuck art, let's dance"—a button made by the ultimate Beat Poet Laureate, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, that is sold at his legendary San Francisco bookstore, City Lights. (Hello, street cred! Ten points for you, AG #4! Ten points!)

Meanwhile, Adorable Girl #3's got hervest on—but it's black, red, bronze and gold striped, and over a blouse with jeans and skimmers. Adorable Girl #2, not to be outdone, opted for the solid black vest with a deep-Ved gray T-shirt and black heels. But AG #1 isn't having anyof that vest shit: girl's got her own thing going on with her mocs and sea-foam green sweats under a black circle skirt.

Adorable Girls #1-4, you give me—nay, you give us all—hope for the youth of today.


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