Precious/ Photo by Vickie Chang

Oh my God, it's Bambi in a romper!

With her pink cheeks, perfectly tousled ash brown hair, and eyes that look like they emit shiny, shiny rainbow, star and unicorn beams, this girl looks like a real-life Lisa Frank drawing. Or maybe a Precious Moments porcelain statuette.

Okay, secret?

I think these onesies are adorable. That is, as long as they're not of the terry cloth and spandex American Apparel variety; those were cute but, like, two years ago. Now, even the runways have caught up to this once mainly hipster trend. One-pieces dominated Stella McCartney's Spring 2007 ready to wear collection; in colors ranging from breezy white to military olive and rich royal blues and greens, all were loose-fitting but not too loose—and all showed leg but not too much leg. Many looked like a tailored, refined, collared repairman's jumpsuit—kind of like this one here. Except I'm pretty sure that Stella won't be using a tiger and panther print any time soon. (Although maybe Galliano . . . )

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The great thing about rompers is they're such a trendy fashion statement all by themselves, they make accessorizing a breeze. You definitely don't want to over do it when you're wearing a kitty-print onesie. It's best to stick with minimal jewelry, purses and shoes. Bambi's totally got the right idea here with a few thinly layered gold chains, flat brown boots and a yellow tote.

But, seriously, think about it. She's wearing a onesie—a tiger-and-panther-print onesie, no less—and she looks adorable as all hell. I guess it helps when your eyes emit rainbows, stars and unicorns. She probably dots her i's with little hearts, too.

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