Time and Energy

Jorge Rios and Brennan Roach are two friends from Santa Ana—and with a penchant for looping sounds to create mesmerizing arrangements, they create some of the more sonically interesting local music we've come across in a while. We love the sunshine fluidity of songs like "Hot Air" and "Intomaidet" while tracks like "El Catrin" and the self-titled "Time and Energy" are a straight spacey trip. In addition to making the rounds at local band requisites (Copper Door, Continental Room) Time and Energy wrap up their June residency at Detroit, this week they play with support bands Plant Tribe and So Cal Tennis Pros. Watch out for the duo's new album, set to come out in September.
Mondays, 8 p.m. Starts: June 11. Continues through June 25, 2012


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