This Week in Long Goodbyes

Like season two, this season, the Arrested Development writers seem to be pulling all the stops due to news (though still not concrete because of some indecisive network execs) of the series' impending FOX demise. So far we've seen Michael Bluth (the too-cute Jason Bateman) court a beautiful English woman (Charlize Theron) with a penchant for stuffed-animal backpacks who turns out to have the mental capacity of a three-year-old; Tobias (David Cross) suffer through bloody hair plugs and his own declaration of being the world's first analrapist (a combined career of an analyst and therapist, obviously); incestuous cousin-and-cousin snogging sessions; and Chach—I mean, Charl—er, Scott Baio play attorney-at-law Bob Loblaw (just say it aloud, children).

But hey, I know you haven't been keeping up with season three of Arrested Development. Or rather, I know you haven't been keeping up with Arrested Development at all. And at this point, if you haven't already caught onto it, chances are you're not going to any time soon. So the least you could do is leave your television on at 8 p.m. Friday night for what's likely to be the show's two-hour-long network swan song because you might just be a Nielsen fam—besides, you can watch the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on another television.

Arrested Development season finale airs on FOX. Fri., 8 p.m.


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