Suit Yourself
Courtesy Nasty Gal

Suit Yourself

As much as women love dressing up to look good, we also dress up to express ourselves and project an image that represents our personality. In the professional world, there's no look that so dramatically projects personal success than the power suit: a blazer with matching pants or skirt.

While power suits are brilliant signifiers of the white-collar world, it's time to make them a staple for occasions as informal as going out on the town with friends or hitting up that art-show opening. For one thing, women's power suits have come a long way since the 1980s—they're less stiff, softer in the shoulders and more individualistic. For another, after coming out of the dreck of 2017—uplifted though it was by Women's Marches, the Me Too movement and ongoing discussions on wage gaps in almost every trade—a power suit is a bold statement that reclaims one's confidence, produces positive outward vibrations and presents an overall vibe of unfuckwithable-ness wherever you go.

Fashion is one of the few modes of agency we women have; we should use it to set cosmic intentions for our own empowerment.

If you've never considered where to cop suits that fit well and hardly need any tailoring, Zara ( is a good place to start, thanks to its variety of styles, colors and chic fits. Prism Boutique (406 Termino Ave., Long Beach, 562-433-4341; offers a matching red blazer and bottoms from Flynn Skye that's emblazoned with a tulip pattern for an extra touch of femininity and cool. Although more well-known for its millennial-centric body-con dresses, Nasty Gal ( offers suits consisting of flashier material and wider pant legs for a 21st century update. Look out, 2018; this is our year!

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