Sufer Rosa

The term Outsider Art is an umbrella genre, grouping together Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, Tiki, Hotrod and Surf-Outsider Art means a lot of things, but they all point toward one thing: Southern California. The academics and the snootists might look down their noses at artists leading the charge such as Mark Ryden, Luke Chueh or Camille Rose Garcia, but the Light Gallery in Costa Mesa is embracing the underground movement that's quickly becoming a staple in many subcultures and even pop culture itself. "SurfBEAT" features the work of more than 70 artists-all colorful, all intense and all something you as a resident of Southern California are immediately familiar with: bug-eyed, dune-buggy-driving creatures; tikis in hot rods; surfboard-carrying black figures amidst a neon sunset. It's home.
March 15-April 5, 2008


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