Punk Rock Karaoke

One of the best theme park rides going in Southern California is of course the legendary Punk Rock Karaoke, where you get to strap yourself into the front of an actual live punk band—with Steve Soto, Greg Hetson and Derek O’Brien, who (should) appear on probably 35% of the punk albums in your collection—and belt out the best "wanna-be-anarchyyyyyyyyyy" you can muster. This time around, Stan Lee of the mighty Dickies is on guitar, which means your own personal rendition of “Give It Back” is gonna be that much more faithful. (Think they’ll throw in a chance to do “Eve of Destruction,” too?) Sign up as usual and pick out a classic, and make sure you know the words—the Darby Crash thing only works if you’re Darby Crash.
Fri., May 30, 9 p.m., 2014


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