President Obama's Election and Pursuit of a Post Racial America

With Al Meyerhoff’s death four years ago, workers and the environment lost an advocate and an example. Plaintiff or defendant, worker or corporate overlord, you knew Meyerhoff’s commitment to using the law with integrity. Ironically or not, the late “people’s lawyer” once sued the University of California on behalf of agricultural workers. Good and right then that UC Irvine Law host Harvard Law’s equally impressive Charles Ogletree, founder of its Houston Institute for Race and Justice, giving this year’s Al Meyerhoff Public Interest Lecture. Ogletree was born to Central Valley farm workers himself, sued a bunch of naughty bosses, and taught, as it happens, both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard. He’ll opine, politically, personally and jurisprudencely, on the state of our funny little republic. Sit in front, take notes, but only after you RSVP online for this totally free and freedom-loving event.
Wed., Feb. 15, 4 p.m., 2012


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