Outfit Hive's the Bee's Knees

Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, even Facebook: They're all great places to discover new ideas, music, people and trends. But as much as fashionistas may love and learn from these social-media standbys, the sites get clogged with baby pictures, memes and snapshots of other people's lunches.

Enter Naomi Lisgo and Ruth Martin, sisters-in-law from Lancashire, England. "There are so many great features [online]––both social-network- and fashion-related features––but they're scattered," says Martin. "We like parts of so many websites; one site to combine them all seemed to be needed."

So they began developing an all-fashion, social-media site, a place that would foster everyday, affordable fashion inspiration taken from the users themselves, rather than runways and magazines. Their vision came to fruition when OutfitHive.com launched on Feb. 18. (Now's your chance to say you joined before it was cool. . . .) Martin says she's pleasantly surprised by the response and sign-ups they have gotten in just a few weeks.

Outfit Hive's home page greets you with a bold, yellow design and multiple images of different gals' takes on a certain theme (skinny jeans, for example). Users submit how they like to wear the daily topic, and then others upvote their favorite takes on that topic. At the end of each day, one user will be awarded "Outfit of the Day," a feat ripe for bragging rights: The user gets a shout-out on the site, as well as on Outfit Hive's Facebook. You can also check in on friends' (or admirable strangers') profiles and see what they've been wearing and which looks you can snag.

The site is still in development, but we've been told there are many more exciting features in the pipeline. There's even a mobile app on the way, ready to scoot out Instagram as your most habitually checked app. "It's going to be addicting!" Martin enthuses.

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