Nine Inch Nails: The Gift

If you’re not already a Nine Inch Nails fan, this could get confusing. The industrial band, by which we mean singer/songwriter/programmer extraordinaire, Trent Reznor, had planned on using James Cameron’s 3-D team to make a movie of the last stop on 2008’s “Lights in the Sky” tour. Following a dispute with the band’s label, Universal Music Group, the project lost funding. Enter the Nine Inch Nails fan organization, This One is On Us. Utilizing the editing and production expertise of fans from around the globe, they culled together hours of live footage. The result was The Gift, a film shot from multiple vantages around massive venues, seamlessly blended and delivering all the punch and crunch the ‘90s industrial juggernaut is famous for—which the Art Theatre will hold a midnight screening of. Two words come to mind: Fist Fuck. Still with us? Then check it out.
Fri., Aug. 27, 11:55 p.m., 2010

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