Mozart, Mendelssohn & More

Celebrate Valentine’s with some serious class—and impress your date whether you’re a classical music buff or just pretending to be one. Should you be the latter, go with confidence: simply remember a few tidbits and you’ll knock your date’s socks off—and hopefully some other clothing as well. Ready? 1. Mozart’s Trio (don’t worry, each song will be introduced) has been called “one of his most perfectly integrated compositions” and is actually nicknamed “Kegelstatt” because of the rumor he composed the piece at a Kegelstatt, or an old-school bowling alley. Interesting stuff, right? 2. Felix Mendelssohn was a composer of the Romantic Era, and was, like Mozart, a child prodigy and also died in this thirties. There. A couple tiny factoids and your IQ looks like it doubled. After all, chicks really dig smart guys.
Sun., Feb. 14, 3 p.m., 2010


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