Mozart Classical Orchestra: Happy Birthday, Mozart

A crash course in Mozart appreciation for newbies (and a rewarding program for those already planning on how best to celebrate his 256th), the Barclay’s “Happy Birthday, Mozart” show is a balance between two early works and the much later, completely sublime Rondo in A. Early is relative as young Wolfie A. began playing at seven and composing at nineteen. The Rondo was written for piano, but Orange County’s best chamber music outfit, the Mozart Classical Orchestra, has at it with all instruments doing their best at sadness and reflection. Soloist Roberto Cani performs the Violin Concerto in A, “The Turkish,” and everybody celebrates with the defining Symphony No. 29 in A, in which the genius of invention lights and then blows out all the candles at his own party.
Sun., Jan. 27, 3 p.m., 2013


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