Let's Get Pregnant!

Garage/punk band the Dwarves has two set lists. One is the stereotypical play-all-the-hits show, while the other lasts about 10 minutes and ends with someone from the band-usually singer Blag Dahlia-fighting someone in the crowd. During the Dwarves' heyday, fans got more of the latter than the former. These days, either is worth the ticket price because, unlike other groups that use non-musical antics to cover up shitty songs, the Dwarves actually rule. How could they not with songs titled ‘Let's Fuck,' ‘Fuck You Up and Get High,' ‘We Must Have Blood,' ‘Free Cocaine,' ‘Smack City' and ‘Let's Get Pregnant'? Oh, and depending on how liberal the venue is, masked guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed might be naked. Otherwise, he wears diapers or underwear. Whatever show the Dwarves give, it's one not to be missed.
Sat., Jan. 12, 8 p.m., 2008


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