Hal Sparks

In most photos you see of Hal Sparks, he's got a wide, toothy smile splashed across his face, as if he's always in mid-laugh. Maybe that's because the actor/comedian has a lot to be happy about. The youngest game show host ever, Hal was hired on to host Treasure Mall while still in high school in Chicago. His endless amounts of charisma and humor led him to Los Angeles, where he eventually landed the gold mine of all comedy hosting gigs at the time: Talk Soup. After finishing a five-season acting run on Queer As Folk, Hal still graces television with appearances on practically every I Love installment, as well as light up airwaves with his own progressive talk radio program. This week, he gets back to the basics and performs stand up at the Brea Improv.
June 13-16, 2013


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