Green Hair Care From Jonathan Product

Remember when we told you about the no-poo movement a couple of months back? The one that has you swapping your shampoo and conditioner for baking soda and apple cider vinegar to become a hippie in one fell swoop? Well, it does improve your hair's thickness, but it began to change my blond hair into a dull, dishwater gray—and other people actually took notice. So, F that.

If no-poo isn't for you but you still want to be green, go Jonathan Product (www. Its lines are pricey ($20), but if you only wash a few times per week (as you should anyway), they'll last a while, making the investment worth it. The laundry list of good qualities includes being vegan and free of all the chemical crap (even GMOs), with scents that are wholesome, not sugary.

The Green Rootine line has a couple of styling products, a dry shampoo, and a regular shampoo and conditioner. The styling créme and pure paste do the same thing—control and add texture with shea butter, and they wash out rather well. They'll leave your hair softer than it was before, but if you menfolk are looking to do a full pompadour, maybe stick with the Suavectito.

Then there's the dry shampoo brush. I'm under the impression that if you need a dry shampoo, maybe you should just wash your hair—but hey, we're busy, and this one has a pop-up brush! It definitely smells better than baby powder, but it soaks up grease just the same. Invest in this if you want a pocket-sized fix that doesn't remind you of infants.

Jonathan's best products are its shampoo and conditioner. For reasons I can't place, the coconut-and-jojoba shampoo reminds me of bubblegum. It has an almost caramel consistency that works into more of a paste than a lather, and it smells sweet but not artificial. Think Dr. Bronner's Big Chew. The conditioner is . . . different. It has a lightweight consistency, and your hair will retain body after rinsing. The only thing some people might take issue with is the scent: avocado and rosemary. Depending on how much you or your partner like things that smell like patchouli, it'll either be sensual and earthy, or like you washed your hair with Italian dressing.

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