Episode 18

Just when you thought they'd milk the Ryan-Marissa-Oliver love triangle for the rest of the season, your favorite teen sudser mercifully ends it with an exit so whacked out, gunplay filled and manic obsessive, Tony Montana would accuse it of being too over the top. Indeed, it's apparent Taylor Handley got the part of overly rich and disturbed Oliver Trask due to his ability to call up on cue the exact same banshee-screaming, head-punching, snot-projectiling tantrum. It's a good thing Oliver's getting the heave-ho so soon because it was becoming apparent Benjamin McKenzie's Ryan Atwood was being pushed by the plot and his supporting players to resort to something quite drastic: actually saying something. And so we end with Marissa back in Chino's arms, Anna telling Seth he'd be better off in Summer's arms, and Marissa's mom Julie--who in six months has lost her husband, daughter, boyfriend and job--nearly going all Mrs. Robinson in ever-ready Luke's arms. Coo coo ca-choo, Mrs. Cooper!

LINE OF THE WEEK "The boy who lives in the pool house is warning me about the boy who lives in the penthouse?" Julie, dripping with sarcasm, to Ryan.

FIRST RUNNER UP "Life's gritty enough? We live in Newport Beach." Seth to Sandy.



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