Eight Days

Thurs/March 24 When's the last time you went to a YoungRepublicansmixer? I know! Me, too! I can't join y'all at this one because I don't like Republicans any more, but if you want to go somewhere where the women are blond, the men are cocky and nobody's very friendly to outsiders (and where "young" always includes this one dude in his 50s who looks just like ChrisCox),then really, you should go. Mostly, though, you should go because it's in the RedCloudSmokeShop,the most fabulous and plush little speakeasy—and where you can smoke away! 7-10 p.m. $5-$10. 118W.WilshireAve.,Fullerton,(714)680-6200;social@ocyr.org.

Fri Don't fear the reaper! The CadillacTramps(minus the "late" one) are coming to get you. (Please, pleasedon't wear open-toed shoes.) With TheJohns,TheHeroines,Swaggerand the always-inappropriate HellboundHayride.7:30 p.m. $16. All ages. HouseofBlues,1530S.DisneylandDr.,Anaheim,(714)778-2583.

Sat Hey, remember when that one dumb-ass almost got killed every day for a year because he had a picture of UncleHoin his illegal-bootleg-video store? Those were good times (although somebody forgot to teach our Vietnamese friends about not killing those we disagree with here). Now go check out VietnameseCultureNight's30YearsLaterwith music, folk songs, folk and modern dances, and fashion. No Communists, please. 5 p.m. $10. OrangeCoastCollege,RobertB.MooreTheater,2701FairviewRd.,CostaMesa,(714)432-5764.

Sun Nothing says "Easter" like a NationalLacrosseLeaguematch! So put on your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, for a beating of either the AnaheimStormor the SanJoseStealth.I'm not exactly sure how lacrosse works, but I don't care: I'll be there. I'm kinda mad at thePopethis year, so he'll just have to carry on without me. Call for ticket prices. 7:30 p.m. ArrowheadPondofAnaheim,2695E.KatellaAve.,Anaheim,(714)740-2000;www.anaheimstorm.com.

Mon Hello, Santa Ana! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Bring the kids and some fine ganja down for BUBBLEFESTIX!YEAAAAHHH! Wherein the nice people of the DiscoveryScienceCenterreveal the mysteries of the soapy orbs as guests explore the science behind the amazing and colorful world of bubbles. Hands-on activities demonstrate a bubble's science and math principles (such as surface tension, elasticity, air pressure, molecular properties and geometrical properties), while an unforgettable bubble show puts those theories to the ultimate test. YEAAAAHHH! 10 a.m.-5 p.m. $8.50-$11. 2500N.MainSt.,SantaAna,(714)542-CUBE;www.discoverycube.org.

Tues I've been meaning to go see AsleepattheWheel,featuring bandleader and fiddler RayBenson,for years. Do you suppose this time I'll actually make it? Eh. Probably not. With TheVaquetonesand HankFloyd.8 p.m. $20-$22. All ages. HouseofBlues(again!),1530S.DisneylandDr.,Anaheim,(714)778-2583;www.hob.com.

Wed Children! The PhantomPlanetshow at ChainReactionis soldout!(I mean, duh, the club holds, like, 75 people, is all ages—and is featuring PhantomPlanet!)However! This doesn't mean you can't stand in the parking lot and watch them get off the tour bus, and then swoon and cry like the girl in that one Poisonvideo did. You can! Or do what I always used to do when ChrisIsaakwould play the CoachHouseand I didn't want to spend $75: bring a folding chair and listen through the door! With AgentSparksand WorldLeaderPretend.7:30 p.m. All ages. 1652W.LincolnAve.,Anaheim,(714)635-6067;www.allages.com.

Thurs/March 31 Which do you choose: BeatPoetryContestand CommunityPoetryNighthosted by WillieSims(free) or TheNewYorkTimes'FrankRichspeaking on Art,Culture,andPolitics($40)? If I were you, I'd throw on my beret and head down to the Barnes&Noblefor Beat Poetry (they probably don't have enough people reliving that "Woe-Man"scene from SoIMarriedanAxMurderer).However, since I'm me instead of you, I'm gonna call the IrvineBarclayand get a Frank Rich ticket for free. Ha, ha. BeatPoetryContest,7p.m.Barnes&Noble,6326E.PacificCoastHwy.,LongBeach,(562)431-2253;FrankRichspeaks,8p.m.$40.IrvineBarclayTheatre,4242CampusDr.,Irvine,(949)854-4646.


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