Dustin Lovelis

The Fling are one of the most-loved bands in Long Beach and when they aren’t playing out, they’re one of the most-missed. But Fling frontman Dustin Lovelis is just about to release his solo album Dimensions on flagship local label Porch Party, so Fling fans can still get their fix. Recorded in a matter of days with artiste-about-town Frank Lenz on drums and producer Elijah Thompson, Dimensions is a considered, artful and personal album that hits that same sweet spot as South Bay band dios—it’s got lots of heart for the heartbroken and lots of detail for the geeks, and it carves out its own special space between '70s iconoclasts like Neil Young and '90s noise-pop bands that turned independent into simply “indie.” Lovelis will be in residency all this month, so if you miss this, make sure you hit the next one.
Mon., Aug. 11, 9 p.m., 2014


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