Drunk Punk Thursdays

More beer? It’s not just a Fear record, it’s a way of life—and it’s gonna be dripping into a thick puddle at your feet every Thursday at Doheny Saloon, where the $6 beers are GIANT (all caps demanded) and the band Macho Borracho pumps out a set of appropriate covers and likely extremely appropriate originals. (Requests: Black Flag’s “Six Pack,” Flipper’s “If I Can’t Be Drunk,” X’s “Degenerate Boy,” GG’s “Drink, Fight and Fuck”) And will there be circle pitting? Dude, there’s already video. Just bring an air mattress and a blanket or at least a tarp so you can sleep it off on the pavement because if they do this right, nobody’s showing up to work on Friday morning.
Thu., March 8, 7 p.m., 2012


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