Cinema Italiano: Escort in Love

Cinema Italiano, Bowers Museum's partnership with the Italian Cultural Arts Council, continues today with another contemporary Italian film titled Escort in Love—and as you wonder about what kind of movie experience you're in for, it's a comedy. Alice, a rich housewife, faces an existential crisis as her husband's sudden death sets off a chain of events that turns her world upside down and sends her looking for work to pay off family debts and provide for her nine year-old son. She moves into a humble neighborhood where she meets Eva, a call girl who inspires her to take up the escort service as a new occupation. Balancing a hot career, a kid and trying to woo the cute neighbor Giulio comes with its share of complications, but you’ll find yourself rooting for Alice all the way.
Sun., June 15, 1:30 p.m., 2014


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