Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay is the comedian who brought a touch of finesse to the greasy, East Coast juicehead persona decades ago—we use the word “finesse” comparatively against such similar archetypes as Snooki and company. But those were different times, and Clay suffered for his obnoxious material, which was particularly offensive to women and the LGBT community. He earned himself a lifetime ban from MTV after his appearance on the 1989 Video Music Awards in which he delivered some of his famously tweaked limericks: “Little Boy Blue? He needed the money!” And whether you loved or hated him, he’s a staple of ’90s comedy and served as the politically incorrect yin to the era’s raging, pro-everything yang. The question is, can he still offend in today’s topsy-turvy times? There’s only one way to find out.
Sat., June 11, 11 p.m.; Sun., June 12, 9 p.m., 2011


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