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  • I'm sitting at a diner eating borscht. The owner is Latvian, married to the Libyan pizza maker a few shops down. The music playing in the... More >>

  • Blue lipstick is not just for Goth kids anymore. Nowadays, everyone from celebrities to your fashionable girlfriend is forgoing the usual 50... More >>

  • About 15 minutes into One Man, Two Guvnors Saturday night, someone's mind went wandering. It wasn't because that person was bored, but because he... More >>

  • Cosplayers raise geeky fandom to new heights and make the rest of us non-costumed fans seem square in comparison. These super-fans exist to be... More >>

  • Reading a book and "reading" a piece of art may seem similar—both involve the intricacies of interpretation, for example. But books lay out... More >>

  • Hipsters love The Simpsons, and not just in that nostalgic, the-best-Simpsons-was-old-school-Simpsons way. Now that the1990s have returned,... More >>

  • There isn't much rum and no lash in Shakespeare Orange County's The Pirates of Penzance. But there's plenty of sodomy, if the host of swishy,... More >>

  • Jennie Cotterill is many things: muralist, painter, illustrator, designer, baker, musician, sculptor, teacher, curator, etc. But what best... More >>

  • If "My Generation: Young Chinese Artists" at Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) is any indication, Chinese artists are an angry bunch. Post-Mao... More >>

  • Ka Boom! Art Toy Gallery owner Tracy Otero is the first to call himself a hoarder, but he's also a businessman: He picks up rare and obscure... More >>

  • There's a weird dynamic going on in Mike Miller's exhibition "Love West Coast," now at the DAX Gallery, with its army of semi-naked women... More >>

  • When you glance at Angelina Elise's work, you'll see lightly painted, folksy cartoons that resemble even-more-whimsical versions of O Brother,... More >>

  • At the end of this month, 6-year-old independent gallery Rothick Art Haus will close shop. Husband-and-wife team Kelly Castillo and Nick... More >>

  • "When people come inside, the first word out of their mouth is 'beautiful,'" says Kelly Arnold, "and they leave feeling beautiful, too." Arnold... More >>

  • Because our corporate overlords demand that every word in this infernal rag drives readers to patronize those businesses that advertise in it,... More >>

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