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  • Eli Simon wanted to build a theater. Like, a really cool theater. He had the money, thanks to funds from a department of excellence award (given... More >>

  • More than any accessory, people are judged most fiercely by what they wear on their heads. But there is one piece that every lady deserves to... More >>

  • Many of us shed the daily stress of work by plopping onto the couch and watching Netflix and HBO Go. It's probably the least productive way to... More >>

  • The most famous photograph in the world—and certainly the most copied—is the late Alberto Korda's Guerrillero Heroico, his candid... More >>

  • There is something really, really weird going on with Shakespeare Orange County's Romeo and Juliet. It has nothing to do with the wildly... More >>

  • Donald Trump may be the most appropriate piñata in recent history, but he certainly isn't the cutest. In a medium in which we thought... More >>

  • Green may be the hue of jealousy's monster, but in Jim Knable's play Green Man, the color is more the irresistible persistence of memory, of... More >>

  • This week, the Agenda show returns to Long Beach. Even though the fashion convention touts itself as one of the most diverse in the country, the... More >>

  • Manifest Destiny, you magnificent bastard. Directed by God to go to the ends of the earth—or at least west of the Mississippi—to... More >>

  • If you've ever gone to the Santa Ana Art Walk, you've seen Dino Perez. He's the tall, Mexican teddy bear of a man always selling dreamy art... More >>

  • The word moist, reminiscent of soggy underwear and crotch rot, is one of the world's most phonetically displeasing words. Ask your friends what... More >>

  • Vikings sent their dead into the sea on a boat of flames. Zoroastrians leave theirs in special towers for vultures to consume; Hindus famously... More >>

  • There's a show-biz aphorism that if you act with kids or animals, you're going to get upstaged. The same has to be true of puppets. While they... More >>

  • It's ironic that a girl, scolded in grade school for her terrible handwriting, now finds an enriching hobby in typography. "I literally failed... More >>

  • Those bloviating LA snobs who like to venture forth the supposition there's zero culture south of their city . . . they're just circling the... More >>

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