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  • On the surface, there's little overtly radical about curator Eric Minh Swenson's "NUDE SURVEY ONE," an eclectic exhibition of sculpture,... More >>

  • There's been a loooot of talk about the drought in recent months. Yet it still doesn't seem official to us regular folks because there haven't... More >>

  • The real star of the Monkey Wrench Collective's Slings & Arrows isn't the wholly committed ensemble, the deconstructed concept of William... More >>

  • I squealed the first time I saw Erin Vaughan's work. There, sitting on a shelf, was a three-dimensional, vintage trailer made from paper; it was... More >>

  • Even from outside the glass doors of DAX Gallery's "Undeniable," it's apparent why the paintings displayed inside make Andrea Harris McGee's... More >>

  • "I've taken the things that nobody wanted since I was little," says Charlene Goetz. The co-creator of the Driving Miz Daisy vintage market at... More >>

  • Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone and David and Amy Sedaris' The Book of Liz feel as different as lobster bisque does from a breakfast burrito.... More >>

  • I can talk crap on America for days, but politics and the medical industry aside, we know how to make products that last—and it's important... More >>

  • "Fred Tomaselli: The Times," at Orange County Museum of Art, is the first Southern California solo exhibition of the artist's work in 15 years,... More >>

  • When you tell people you're on a cleanse, you're mostly met with grunts and eye rolls. Admittedly, some are ridiculous. Only drinking lemon,... More >>

  • South Coast Repertory (SCR) has won scores of local and national awards in its fiftysomething years, but next to the 20 bestowed upon it by this... More >>

  • It takes a lot to get Weeklings to Fashion Island. We don't dress like Andy from The Office, and shit, do you know how much writers are paid? Yet... More >>

  • At the entrance to Chapman University Guggenheim Gallery's "XX Redux: revisiting a feminist art collective," husband-and-wife artists Jackson... More >>

  • "The trick is to grab everything quickly," Mexican In Chief Gustavo Arellano said. "No discernment. You want to get out of there before someone... More >>

  • The gaggle of teenage boys wearing Minecraft tees, bad complexions and thick-framed glasses starts to giggle, grimace and look askance... More >>

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