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  • The word moist, reminiscent of soggy underwear and crotch rot, is one of the world's most phonetically displeasing words. Ask your friends what... More >>

  • Vikings sent their dead into the sea on a boat of flames. Zoroastrians leave theirs in special towers for vultures to consume; Hindus famously... More >>

  • There's a show-biz aphorism that if you act with kids or animals, you're going to get upstaged. The same has to be true of puppets. While they... More >>

  • It's ironic that a girl, scolded in grade school for her terrible handwriting, now finds an enriching hobby in typography. "I literally failed... More >>

  • Those bloviating LA snobs who like to venture forth the supposition there's zero culture south of their city . . . they're just circling the... More >>

  • Maybe you didn't get the memo, but the word alternative doesn't mean opposite; it means "different," as in a different outcome, choice or path.... More >>

  • The change to summer in Southern California isn't all that exciting. We just go from our normally scheduled, nearly perfect weather to being hot... More >>

  • Let the masses turn to high-octane visuals, episodic weekly dramas and pretty, witty people in precious sitcoms. The cool kids know the theater... More >>

  • The Orange Circle is already known as an antique destination, but one downtown boutique is spinning its retro merch for the modern customer.... More >>

  • My limited time in jail—several hours in Anaheim and a half-day in Washington, D.C., with federal police—did little to prepare me for... More >>

  • There's something about IV therapy that's fundamentally creepy. IVs are for accidents, chemotherapy and generally dire situations—not for... More >>

  • If you're 12 years old or otherwise brain-addled, you may find Peter and the Starcatcher, a prequel to the story of Peter Pan, is the best thing... More >>

  • Record stores are either places where the bins are packed so tightly that a pinky finger can't slip between albums, with a know-it-all behind the... More >>

  • POPzilla's Ryan Batcheller and Sam Carter, the nerd-culture mavens responsible for last year's Tim Burton tribute, have followed up that dynamite... More >>

  • Whether it's juicing, recycling, buying organic or using your own poop for fertilizer (look it up!), a sustainable lifestyle requires extra... More >>

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