Machine Gun Purchase Means Prison for Orange County Security Guard

“Freaking cool”

An Irvine security guard believed this nation was in the midst of a “hot political meltdown” in late 2017, wanted to live off the grid in the Middle East and thought it would be “freaking cool” to possess a U.S. military-grade, fully-automatic machine gun banned from civilian possession.

Hamed Kabir, once a translator for Australian Special Forces, used the darknet portion of the internet to shop for the restricted M4 carbine rifle, special optics, ammunition and a silencer before finding a seller willing to make a $7,700 deal.

But Kabir, who worked in a guard booth at Irvine apartment complex Turtle Ridge near UC Irvine, didn’t know the seller secretly worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Inside Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, prosecutors claimed Kabir earned an 18-month prison sentence, partly because of the sophistication he’d employed trying to make his purchase without law enforcement detection.

But late last month U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna decided the appropriate punishment is a year in federal prison plus supervised probation for 36 months upon his release.

Kabir, who was born in 1992, has until noon on March 8 to self-surrender for his incarceration.

5 Replies to “Machine Gun Purchase Means Prison for Orange County Security Guard”

  1. Based on the opening sentence of the article, this person needs a Psychiatric evaluation. His brain is off the grid.

  2. The gun pictured isn’t the type of gun purchased? The gun shown is not a machine gun nor fully automatic. And for you out there that think AR stands for “assualt rifle”. It doesn’t. It’s the initials of a company that manufactures light weight rifles to ease the load for our men fighting for our freedom. It’s full name is Armalite.
    Again. NOT fully automatic nor a machine gun. And take heed of the name of the guy who bought it. NOT the one you wished it was so you could scream it trumps fault. I know that makes you angry and that’s a very sad thing to think that. Just like everyone wishing that actors fake mugging was real so all the accusations would be true. You are a sick people.

    1. You’re arguing vocabulary while skipping the 1)avoidance of detection 2) the surpressor on an M4! You want your untrained neighbor armed like Seal Team 6? Or do you want him following the law?

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