Self-Help Graphics, 1983-1991

Jul 13th • 11:00 am • Laguna Art Museum

In 1992, Laguna Art Museum curator of collections Bolton Colburn was fascinated by—even happily overwhelmed by— the sizzling silkscreen printwork coming out of Self-Help Graphics, the community arts center then still in its iconic mosaic-ed location in East LA. After careful negotiation, he secured the purchase of 170 prints by 90 artists for $17,000—the going 1992 rate of $100 per print. The collection was a snapshot moment of an explosive time in Latinx/Chicanx art, and the prescient purchase became the basis for touring exhibitions as well as a chance for Laguna Art Museum to crack the vault and display select pieces, which is what they’re doing right now. While specific catalog details weren’t available at press time, Self-Help’s body of work is legendary, and this collection offers a rare immersive exploration of an art movement in motion.

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