Sandow Birk: Monumental

Mar 31st • 11:00 am • Long Beach Museum of Art

Social critique, humor and political revisionism meet European history and landscape painting in artist Sandow Birk’s reliably provocative, witty and engaging big-canvas storytelling. He’s celebrated for “In Smog and Thunder: The Great War of the Californias,” about an imaginary war between San Francisco and LA in paintings, drawings, prints, faux war posters, maps, diagrams, models, and video documentary. If that delighted you, take in the Long Beach Museum of Art show of his latest jolly trespass into a territory of contrived monuments to historical documents whose legal or historical significance (Declaration of Independence, Miranda Warning, Trickle Down Theory) is often fetishized or only forgotten. He makes them urgent, funny and weird.

Museum hours: Thursday 11am- 8pm; Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 11am-5pm. FREE admission Thursdays 3-8pm; Half-price Fridays!

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