Rietveld and Roberts: Masters of Surf Art

Aug 20th • 12:00 pm • Huntington Beach Art Center

Few things represent Southern California better than beach and surf culture and the art that comes from it. The work of Rick Rietveld and Phil Roberts are deeply rooted in their individual passions for beach and surfing lifestyles, with Rietveld being a Southern California native and Roberts growing up near the beaches of Melbourne, Florida. See their work on display at Huntington Beach Art Center, where all types of pieces from their collections will be showcased, from Rietveld’s classic pop surrealism art to Robert’s endless portfolio in sculpture and painting, earning him the title of a “Modern Day Da Vinci.” Fans of surfing and art alike won’t want to miss this exhibit!

Gallery hours:
T-Th: 12-8PM
Fr: 12-6PM
Sat: 12-5PM

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