Richard III

Aug 17th • 8:00 pm • The Maverick Theater

Fullerton’s small, if mighty, Maverick Theater goes large with a full-on production of Shakespeare’s 1593 history-tragedy about a manipulative, sociopathic, amoral leader who tells us early in the play that he is “determined to prove himself a villain.” He succeeds, apparently born to be bad. Call him “Gloucester” or call him Richard (it matters to the plot), but he’d prefer that you call him king, and one of drama’s most archly, scarily cruel and self-aware anti-heroes is willing to make you suffer if he doesn’t get his way, through political scheming, false love, religious piety, and outright murder. Watch and listen for some of the Bard’s most famous lines in this dramatic case study in how to be bad and almost get away with it, if only you had an extra horse. (Written by SR Davies)

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