Night of the Living Dead

Oct 27th • 8:00 pm • The Maverick Theater

Director Brian Newell does George A. Romero proud with his spoofy adaptation of one of the most iconic and essential of Halloween cult classics. Shriek with shock and shiver with giggles as Ben, Barbra, and Helen and Harry Cooper, et al (including little Karen Cooper and her trusty trowel), hole-up in a skanky abandoned house and fight for their lives while a blood-thirsty horde of flatlining ghouls fresh off a MAGA rally attempt to eat their brains. Wait, that’s not right. They also eat intestines and arms, and are generally very bite-y, so don’t turn your back for an instant— while these soulless simps many move slowly, they just can. not. be. stopped. Unless you toss a Chick-fil-A in to the crowd. Gets ‘em every time. (Written by SR Davies)

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