Marie Thibeault, “Conveyance”

Jan 31st • 11:00 am • Long Beach Museum of Art

As colors, shapes, and forms appear in flux, the illusion of space persists throughout the lyrical
work of Marie Thibeault. Organized by the Long Beach Museum of Art, Conveyance: Marie Thibeault debuts the artist’s newly commissioned large-scale oil paintings. Living and working in Southern California, Thibeault is constantly informed by the changing landscapes and the environment surrounding her. Visual elements observed in the natural world are interpreted onto the canvas, intrinsically transforming the exterior into a metaphorical landscape. Accompanied by mixed-media works on paper, the exhibition poetically reflects on the harbors of San Pedro and Long Beach, providing viewers a meditative space for contemplation of oneself within the natural world.

Fueled by the monumental changes the artist has witnessed around the industrial landscape, Thibeault’s work intricately merges abstract and representational forms, employing visual references sourced from the harbors and the surrounding natural environment. From a far distance, the mounds of shipping containers and stratified cranes appear small and befitting against the familiar horizon, but up close, colossal and inordinate – this very tension and
the overcoming of its uncertain ambivalence are personified through the artist’s adept skill in the medium and use of color. Starting with toning and underpainting the surface of the canvas, the layer upon layer process is guided by the artist’s mindful strive for vivid, expressive color palettes not necessarily aiming for balance in color, but rather a discord amongst the visual elements that bring forth reconciliation. Thibeault approaches painting as a means to simultaneously explore the past, present, and future, which cease to exist as any linear measure of time within the pictorial landscape. The atmospheric color shifts combined with architectural patterns, avian and geometric forms present a visual language powered by the artist’s instinctive state of mind and creative autonomy.

The wide array of colors and the tactile surface of Thibeault’s painted canvases resonate in the artist’s mixed-media work on paper. Initially created as studies for her paintings, the artist incorporates a variety of mark making and collage techniques, at times assembling black and white photographic images of the harbor contents as a focal component to what resembles a diagrammatic map of an abstract landscape. The artist continues to explore the myriad possibilities of engaging with elements of man-made structures and the natural world.

Marie Thibeault studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design earning her Bachelor of Art, and later a Master of Art in Painting at the San Francisco State University, CA, and a Master of Fine Art in Painting at the University of California Berkeley, CA. She has attended residencies across the country and abroad, and has had many solo-exhibitions, most recently at Von Fraunberg Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany; Gallery Elena Shchukina, London, UK; and George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Her work has been included in numerous group
exhibitions, including the Pasadena Museum of California Art, CA; Launch LA, Los Angeles, CA; Santa Rosa College, CA; Sonce Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Torrance Art Museum, CA; and Riverside Art Museum, CA, among others. She is a Professor of Drawing and Painting at California State University Long Beach.

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