Ink: Stories on Skin

Sep 16th • 11:00 am

MOLAA’s “Ink” is a complex and sophisticated history of tattoo art in California, and in particular of the way Long Beach— a Navy town with its own unique history— served as locus and focus for artists who’d go on to help invent a distinctly Chicano vocabulary of imagery. Think of it as a lesson in art, history, sociology, culture and politics all at once, written in a way that can never be erased— indeed, it’s an art form that’s as close to permanent as one can get. And this isn’t just a gallery show; fittingly, it’s a living exhibit, and as such “Ink” will feature live tattoo demonstrations from top-notch Californians, including Long Beach’s Ivanna Belakova on Saturday, Sept. 8, with appearances to follow later this year by iconic black-and-grey artist Freddy Negrete, Black Anchor’s Nikko Hurtado, Outer Limits local legend Kari Barba and 2Spirit’s Roxx.

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