Casa Coastal: If You Were the Sea

Jun 12th • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm • Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens

“If You Were the Sea” is a site-specific installation that invites a transformative experience for the viewer.

Made from reflective sheeting, mylar, plastic and other materials that are suspended from monofilament, the effect is of a highly reactive, shifting surface that glimmers continuously, like the ever-changing surface of the ocean. The viewer enters the gallery into a semi-circle of negative space so that they can stand in the middle of the expansion. The work radiates outward from the center of both of the gallery rooms and extends in bursts to the walls and the semi-circle. There is perpetual tension between the walls and the center, stretching out to emphasize a directional shift towards the space beyond the gallery and contracting into the center to surround the viewer and highlight the engagement between the work and person. The ocean essentially moves this energy in and out from itself.

The visitor is invited to be drawn in to “If You Were The Sea,” and then led out to their surroundings with a new awareness, a new excitement.

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