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Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company
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Lately, what little is left or original dramatic television development—original dramatic television development that isn't another forensics cop show—seems to be dedicated to bringing us the "real story" behind old TV shows. Like we give a shit. Following The Partridge Family into this hell hole is Three's Company, the pioneer of so-called "Jiggle TV" (thanks to Suzanne Sommers' spectacular mammies), which became more infamous later for Sommers' protracted contract dispute, walk off, jettisoning to a show-closing role taped away from the rest of the cast and eventual firing. It was all very messy and very unnecessary and very uninteresting then, so we simply must re-live it again now. This 2003 dramatization includes the great Brian Dennehy in what is no doubt the highlight of his career and is couched for several hours on either side by hours of vintage Three's Company episodes. Can't wait 'til the braintrust behind this brings us Behind Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company. Wonder who will play the part of the Jack who played Jack?

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