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The angry white guy from San Clemente should have just said, "beaners, niggers, faggots, gooks and wops—get off my land!" [Gustavo Arellano's "Ask a Mexican!" May 13]. And then something like, "You're taking our jobs, bringing down our property values, and hoggin' up all the good bull stickers for your trucks!" And by the way, not all beaners are dumb. I know at least, like, three in my city that are pretty smart. I didn't realize there were so many "dumb-ass white people."

I wanted to thank John Underwood for his article on West Nile Virus ["Ouch!"Sept. 24]. While searching for a hospital in Orange County that would accept the "uninsured" for a sick friend of mine, John's article was the only source of information that could answer my questions. UCI is as close as we are going to get to a county hospital, and they do accept all patients regardless of ability to pay. Shame on these hospitals for boasting of their awards, displaying facility photos or employees of the month on their homepages; one should not have to go three pages deep to find crucial information while in an emergency situation. It reminds me of once being put on hold by a 911 operator—totally unacceptable!

After reading the angry letters regarding Rich Kane's review of the festival—and going back to find out what all the fuss was about—I have to conclude that these letter writers are way too uptight [Letters, May 13]. When you compare the words of Kane and Ziegler regarding Aaron Ximm, you realize that both are great writers, but that Kane writes for all audiences, and Ziegler clearly wants a job as Ximm's publicist, quoting Ximm's sleight of hand like he's the magical Pied Piper of a new age. So now it appears that there's a war afoot at the Weekly–if writer A is in touch with the astral plane but writer B isn't, then a rebuttal will ensue [Chris Ziegler's "A Horrible Guide to Reasonable Noise," May 6]. However, perhaps Ximm is on to something. I'll record my gastrointestinal gurgles and farts, crank out a CD, and then stop by the Weeklyfor Ziegler to suck up after Kane calls me a fraud. Come to think of it, which last name is Aaron going by? I find two different names in my searches. Perhaps Kane was factual in his assessment of the artist as a "fraud."

Joel Beers delivers the understatement of the year by saying that South Coast Repertory's newest second stage play Vesuviusdoesn't, well, deliver ["We (Almost) Have Ignition," May 6]. Lucinda Coxon has provided a steaming pile of maudlin tripe, along the lines of last year's horrible plays SafeinHelland the one about Antarctica, as well as Chekhov's overripe TheCherryOrchard(God, what an awful play). This is made all the worse because the last production on the Argyros Stage was the triumphant return of Noah Haidle with PrincessMarjorie.Vesuviusstands out as the worst of the season. I've never before wanted my season ticket money back.

Scott Foundas: Noticing your quote in the review on KingdomofHeaven,you inverted the words "Everything. Nothing." on the last line ["O Jerusalem," May 6]. Was this a mistaken quote, or was it on purpose to give more weight to the review? If the former, BIG mistake; if the latter, genius.

So Matt Coker picked up a lot of cigarette butts this Earth Day off the sands of Huntington Beach ["Trash Talkin'," May 13]. So what? None of the cities banning smoking on their beaches realize THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TONS OF BUTTS ON THE BEACH. Why? Everyone I know who smokes throws their butts out of their car window. Hello? Storm drains, people! If a butt is thrown out in Irvine, where does it go? And the reason no cigar leftovers? They're biodegradable. How come no one has ever mentioned this in the rush to ban smoking at the beach?

Big ups on the article about Tom Fuentes' attempt to cancel Saddleback College's Spain study-abroad program [Gustavo Arellano's "No Entiendo," March 11]. I am a Republican, but, bro, the dude is crazy! I am studying abroad in Barcelona through UCLA, and let me say that traveling and meeting other people has completely opened my mind to a lot of things. By trying to cancel the program, Tom Fuentes tried to cut off the possible widening of worldviews of young college students. I doubt Fuentes has ever left the U.S.

While I agree that most songs translated into other languages leave something to be desired, Gustavo Arellano's inclusion of Mikel Erentxun in the list ["A Todos Bailar el Cover!" April 29] just goes to show how little he knows about music. Erentxun is not a Mexican artist but rather a Spaniard. Because the Stones sing in English, they're American, right?



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